To be in touch with one’s true self, one’s journey, one’s loves and wishes – to be good in one’s skin: This is what Alisia Grenville hopes for all young girls and women.

The MaRen label, established back in 2012 and named for the businesswoman’s eldest daughter, was, in fact, built on this dream.

It was a revelation illuminated by the news of Alisia’s own mother’s illness, which had been kept a secret. That secrecy was a catalyst for reflection, prompting Alisia to rethink the vital role of women-to-women relationships in a woman’s life. How they can support, guide, comfort and shape a woman’s view of herself, her body and her beliefs.

Those relationships and the honest conversations that go along with them hold power. Profoundly so for young women as they grow from childhood into adolescence and then adulthood – and through all the coming-of-age moments on that journey. These moments, like finding a first bra, hold so much potential for learning, laughter, loving and sharing, but they can often get sidestepped in the frenzy of the current day.

For Alisia, MaRen is about reclaiming those moments, connecting with our daughters authentically and intentionally to help set them on their way into the world with a confident, feminine, and fierce sense of self.