MaRen helps parents through the process of buying their daughter her first bra

MaRen helps parents through the process of buying their daughter her first bra

Your tween’s or teen’s first bra should be a memorable moment and something she will remember celebrating with you! It may seem simple and indeed natural, but for a girl to see herself evolve into the beautiful woman she was meant to become can be daunting for her and for you. Moms, MaRen understands your pain: “not too baby, but yikes; not to grow-up either.” Enter MaRen with its “in between” concept that is changing that experience and ensuring that you and your daughter have a “go to” fashion brand, designed with the tween/teen in mind. Founder and Creator Alisia Grenville, says she just, “Really wanted to create a bra that supported her confidence and beauty understanding where she was at that moment.”

Finding a bra that fits

MaRen is a brilliantly fun undergarment brand whose brand stylists are both North American and European, while MaRen is manufactured right here in Canada.

MaRen’s practical collection pieces, cleverly introduced through its tween logo “C’est-Me!” (a play on our Canadian English and French heritage), introduces its patented fastening system, with the world’s first ever buttoned bra. MaRen has three styles that cover her initial needs. The C’est Me! AVALA collection Crop Top bra, the AVALA Triangle bra and the AVALA Sports bra are three great first bras for any girl! Each bra can be mixed and matched with C’est Me! AVALA bottoms are perfect for her style, shape and mood. But for those days when she just wants to have her “me” moment, the AVALA Super Soft Camisole hits the spot. So soft on the skin — she’ll hardly know it’s there! The camisole with matte microfibre, ruffle-edged elastic inside, and jacquard designed straps are light, fashionable and ultra-comfortable. In three vibrant colours, any one of the pieces in this collection would make any first choice memorable.

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