MaRen Designs Launches Chic Undergarment Collection for Tween Girls

MaRen Designs Launches Chic Undergarment Collection for Tween Girls


Newly launched premium girl’s fashion brand MaRen Designs, unveils its debut tween undergarment collection C’est-Me! including bras, camisoles and underwear. Featuring chic silhouettes, a patented button fastening system, changeable straps, attachable etiquette rosettes and snaps, MaRen Designs offers the perfect fusion of comfort, fashion, and quality for girls between the ages of 8-12 years old.

“As a woman and mom, I want girls to know how unique they are and how celebrating their body is what makes them so special. Being kind to your body and yourself is just the beginning of the conversation.” Says founder and creator Alisia Grenville.

Enhancing the lives of girls is the ethos of MaRen Designs. “Our mission is to create garments that offer extreme comfort and support through the stages of development while celebrating self-expression through our unique designer etiquettes,” shares MaRen Designs founder Alisia Grenville. Featuring soft, breathable fabrics of nylon and spandex sourced from Europe, the pieces allow a tween girl to style effortlessly from the inside out and will enable a mother the comfort of knowing her daughter is wearing an appropriate and thoughtfully made brand that promotes body positivity.

The MaRen Designs C’est Me! AVALA collection is available exclusively at and delivers to Canada, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and, Italy.


Designed and made in Canada, the debut collection for tween girls is age appropriate and impeccably tailored while offering a fun element of customization. Stemming from the ritual of choosing her first bra, MaRen Designs promotes a positive dialogue and experience shared between mother and daughter. MaRen is French for “ma reine”, which translates to “my queen” and is the name of Alisia’s daughter. The MaRen foundation introduces the next level of awareness for young women through its program “HRH” (her renders hope).