What I would say to my Mom today if I could...

Words of a Mom:

It is devastatingly hard for me to celebrate Mother’s Day without her. This being year 2 without my mom. The ritual was set for many years, especially since I lived abroad: I mailed the card well in advance so that it would be there before or by the day; I ordered flowers or a gift basket to arrive on the Saturday or Sunday, once Sunday delivery became possible; I called from wherever I was in the world to wish her a “Happy Mother’s Day” and we would chat about her basket about her and what it meant to be a mom. When I became a mom, it was interesting because she would still wait for her call, however, would beamingly add at the end  “…and Happy Mother’s Day to you too.” Being a mom is a life altering experience. Although I can think of no greater moment than when I became a mom, it is both daunting and awe inspiring all at once. You are given the biggest gift yet the biggest task of your life to perform and it does not go without notice that every moment of everyday you and I are being tested to live up to the role.  I honestly can say that there have been many days that I have felt less than worthy and have failed the simplest of tasks; but I soldier on, hoping to be and to do better. That is all that is asked of us.

My Dad and Mom on their wedding day

My mom when she was so young!

My mom and me on my wedding day


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