MaRen Profiles Her First C’est Me! Girl - Jamie

Jamie Shapiro

MaRen profiles her first C’est Me! Girl, in the series of C’est Me Ambassadors.   And WoW! What a beautiful human she is!  Meet Jamie!  She is 15 years old and lives in Canada. MaRen has chosen Jamie as its inaugural C’est Me! Girl because she lives her own values which happen to be all the values MaRen believes prepare girls to be who they were born to be.

Jamie is smart and an athlete extraordinaire. Jamie makes dance and ballet look like walking on clouds. Now on pointe, she is a dedicated dancer and avid sports aficionada. Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, which is promoted by mom and dad, Jamie realizes what it takes to succeed and she does her best, knowing that whatever her best is, is okay because she does it with passion and zest.

Joyful and free

Joyful and free

Favorite sports: soccer, skiing, track & field, football, tennis

Favorite subject at school: Math, dance, visual arts, science

Favorite movie /TV show: Stranger Things and lots of favourite movies including Spiderman and Coco

Favorite country visited: Barbados

Favorite place to shop for the things she loves to wear: Urban Outfitters, Lululemon

Causes that Jamie supports or believes in: Women’s Rights, Protection of Animals and our environment

Words that describe Jamie:
1. Kind
3. Thoughtful
4. Hard-working
5. Stylish

A girl of many interests and talents

A girl of many interests and talents

 Mom Linda says:

“Jamie is wise beyond her years and she has a real talent for gaining perspective on any situation. I 'consult' with her often.”

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