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Mother’s Day: Celebrating my “Spring Summer Mom”

This year is my 2nd Mother’s Day without my wonderful mom. At her Celebration of Life, one of the dear young neighbourhood boys, who she had known all of his life, referred to her as his “Spring Summer” Auntie. I now love calling her that too! Missing her and celebrating Mother’s Day without her made me finally ask the questions why and how this all came to be?

Well, just like the bra, MaRen always wants to know what’s behind a name. So, we did some research and found out that Mother’s Day dates back to both Ancient Greek and Roman times, when festivals were held in honour of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. However, a more modern precedent for Mother’s Day is the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday.” Fast forward to 1905, following the death of its founding mother, Anna Jarvis, her daughter Ann Reeves Jarvis “invented” the notion of Mother’s Day to honour the sacrifices mothers made for their children. In 1914, given that there were no other holidays on the American calendar celebrating women’s achievements and motherhood, the holiday was made official.

Maren and I with my dear friend Tara Tucker Szabo and her daughter Julia. We are bound by a deep, unwavering friendship, respect and love for our girls.

At MaRen all relationships are special and unique, but there is nothing as special or unique than the bond between a mom and her daughter and that is what MaRen is all about! My mom and I had our special ritual for Mother’s Day and every other day of the year, even though many years went by where we did not get to spend that day together as intended by its founders. I now, thankfully, for the last nearly 16 years, have my own rituals with my kids, celebrating and chronicling those moments together whatever they may be. Hopefully, happy and harmonious but a friction-free life would make us no more than mannequins, plastic and lifeless. Discovering something about one another that you did not know; sharing a remarkable experience that is etched in your memory of the “unforgettable”, that is what MaRen says capture, soak up and celebrate.


Me and my girl

At MaRen, it really is your story to tell and MaRen and its “Spring Summer” Mother’s Day Photo Gallery wishes to tell and share moments of moms’ and their daughters’ rituals with you through the photos of their families and friends with their girls. We have gathered these photos that tell many stories, stories of moms and girls, first-ever forever moments and love."

Happy Mother’s Month of May! To all of you wonderful moms of the world too! Rêve-toi et vole! It’s Your Story to Tell!

Alisia Grenville, founder of MaRen


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"You are Frame-worthy!"

Place one of these frames on a photo of you and your daughter and send to MaRen for our “Spring Summer Picture Gallery”. Or upload to social media and tag with #Mothersanddaughters.

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