• MaRen Celebrates Mothers and Daughters During the Month of May!

    Mother’s Day: Celebrating my “Spring Summer Mom”

    This year is my 2nd Mother’s Day without my wonderful mom. At her Celebration of Life, one of the dear young neighbourhood boys, who she had known all of his life, referred to her as his “Spring Summer” Auntie. I now love calling her that too! Missing her and celebrating Mother’s Day without her made me finally ask the questions why and how this all came to be?

    Well, just like the bra, MaRen always wants to know what’s behind a name. So, we did some research and found out that Mother’s Day dates back to both Ancient Greek and Roman times, when festivals were held in honour of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. However, a more modern precedent for Mother’s Day is the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday.” Fast forward to 1905, following the death of its founding mother, Anna Jarvis, her daughter Ann Reeves Jarvis “invented” the notion of Mother’s Day to honour the sacrifices mothers made for their children. In 1914, given that there were no other holidays on the American calendar celebrating women’s achievements and motherhood, the holiday was made official.

    Maren and I with my dear friend Tara Tucker Szabo and her daughter Julia. We are bound by a deep, unwavering friendship, respect and love for our girls.

    At MaRen all relationships are special and unique, but there is nothing as special or unique than the bond between a mom and her daughter and that is what MaRen is all about! My mom and I had our special ritual for Mother’s Day and every other day of the year, even though many years went by where we did not get to spend that day together as intended by its founders. I now, thankfully, for the last nearly 16 years, have my own rituals with my kids, celebrating and chronicling those moments together whatever they may be. Hopefully, happy and harmonious but a friction-free life would make us no more than mannequins, plastic and lifeless. Discovering something about one another that you did not know; sharing a remarkable experience that is etched in your memory of the “unforgettable”, that is what MaRen says capture, soak up and celebrate.


    Me and my girl

    At MaRen, it really is your story to tell and MaRen and its “Spring Summer” Mother’s Day Photo Gallery wishes to tell and share moments of moms’ and their daughters’ rituals with you through the photos of their families and friends with their girls. We have gathered these photos that tell many stories, stories of moms and girls, first-ever forever moments and love."

    Happy Mother’s Month of May! To all of you wonderful moms of the world too! Rêve-toi et vole! It’s Your Story to Tell!

    Alisia Grenville, founder of MaRen


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    "You are Frame-worthy!"

    Place one of these frames on a photo of you and your daughter and send to MaRen for our “Spring Summer Picture Gallery”. Or upload to social media and tag with #Mothersanddaughters.

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  • What I would say to my Mom today if I could...

    Words of a Mom:

    It is devastatingly hard for me to celebrate Mother’s Day without her. This being year 2 without my mom. The ritual was set for many years, especially since I lived abroad: I mailed the card well in advance so that it would be there before or by the day; I ordered flowers or a gift basket to arrive on the Saturday or Sunday, once Sunday delivery became possible; I called from wherever I was in the world to wish her a “Happy Mother’s Day” and we would chat about her basket about her and what it meant to be a mom. When I became a mom, it was interesting because she would still wait for her call, however, would beamingly add at the end  “…and Happy Mother’s Day to you too.” Being a mom is a life altering experience. Although I can think of no greater moment than when I became a mom, it is both daunting and awe inspiring all at once. You are given the biggest gift yet the biggest task of your life to perform and it does not go without notice that every moment of everyday you and I are being tested to live up to the role.  I honestly can say that there have been many days that I have felt less than worthy and have failed the simplest of tasks; but I soldier on, hoping to be and to do better. That is all that is asked of us.

    My Dad and Mom on their wedding day

    My mom when she was so young!

    My mom and me on my wedding day


    Alisia Grenville, founder of MaRen


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  • MaRen Profiles Her First C’est Me! Girl - Jamie

    Jamie Shapiro

    MaRen profiles her first C’est Me! Girl, in the series of C’est Me Ambassadors.   And WoW! What a beautiful human she is!  Meet Jamie!  She is 15 years old and lives in Canada. MaRen has chosen Jamie as its inaugural C’est Me! Girl because she lives her own values which happen to be all the values MaRen believes prepare girls to be who they were born to be.

    Jamie is smart and an athlete extraordinaire. Jamie makes dance and ballet look like walking on clouds. Now on pointe, she is a dedicated dancer and avid sports aficionada. Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, which is promoted by mom and dad, Jamie realizes what it takes to succeed and she does her best, knowing that whatever her best is, is okay because she does it with passion and zest.

    Joyful and free

    Joyful and free

    Favorite sports: soccer, skiing, track & field, football, tennis

    Favorite subject at school: Math, dance, visual arts, science

    Favorite movie /TV show: Stranger Things and lots of favourite movies including Spiderman and Coco

    Favorite country visited: Barbados

    Favorite place to shop for the things she loves to wear: Urban Outfitters, Lululemon

    Causes that Jamie supports or believes in: Women’s Rights, Protection of Animals and our environment

    Words that describe Jamie:
    1. Kind
    3. Thoughtful
    4. Hard-working
    5. Stylish

    A girl of many interests and talents

    A girl of many interests and talents

     Mom Linda says:

    “Jamie is wise beyond her years and she has a real talent for gaining perspective on any situation. I 'consult' with her often.”

  • The World Is As You Dream It! “Rêve-toi et Vole!”

    It has taken 5 years to see this dream come to light. In 2012, my mom took ill at my house in Switzerland. She was carrying a heavy burden and a dark secret.  She had a tumour in her breast and it had grown bigger than a small apple. When the ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital and all the tests were done and the doctor came out to see my husband and me, it was as though time stopped; that horrible word, the word we all dread and fear to hear – cancer. I took her to back to Canada where she met with her oncologist, who she had been seeing quietly, she had to face her reality.  I left Canada and headed back to Switzerland heavy hearted.

    It was March 26th, 2012 at a women’s business luncheon in Geneva.   The guest speaker was Sabina Fuhler, the then CEO of the Swiss lingerie group, Beldona, who I was seated next to. Watching her presentation and seeing the women on the video catwalk appear, I got a vision and the MaRen idea was born. The vision was as clear as glass and I was struck by the force of the vision and the words came to me "create a tween /teen bra" to support girls as they develop from girls into budding and spirited young women. So, from that moment to this day, I have been working tirelessly on making MaRen a reality.

    hang in there and follow your dream

    Hanging in there to reach my dream.

    It has taken some time (more than I could have ever imagined) to build and materialize this dream and I am still doing it.  It is a constant work in progress.  However, these are the 7 things I have done to establish the MaRen brand and bring soft, comfortable, quality, fitting bras and undergarments to girls:

    • Worked with a bra designer and shared my vision of the MaRen look and feel;
    • Turned a dream into a prototype;
    • Picked a name and brand identity for the company that reminds me every day what the purpose is – this is why it is your story to tell and much more.
    • Found a manufacturer who can work with us right here close to home and who shares our mission and vision
    • Built a site with the end-user in mind, you!
    • Think beyond the product and start to establish a community presence; How are we helping girls and how can we continue to support –; etc.
    • Bring a quality product to the market that I know, as a mom and as a girl, would have made me feel great about me.
    reach your dreams: bloom

    My mother's name, Hyacinth, reminds me every day to "bloom."

    I know you have choices and I hope you choose MaRen as well as enjoy the first collection in our C’est Me! line.  MaRen hopes to be one of the many choices you make as you become just who you are supposed to be.

    Indeed, some brands are born out of necessity and others out of passion. The inspiration for MaRen Designs blooms from both and I believe there is room and enough space for a soft and subtle brand that gives girls the permission to dream, dare, grow and be who they are, just the way they are!

    Sadly, my beloved mom passed away on March 21st, 2017, never being able to see MaRen fully come to life.  I know that she is watching now. I love you mom!

    MaRen…Rêve-toi et vole. It's Your Story to Tell.

    Alisia Grenville, founder of MaRen


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